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525 Litre Water Butt

525 Litre Water Butt

This compact water butt is perfect for the serious gardener, combining multiple outlets with a fully removable lid. Whether you fill your watering can from the raised central outlet, dip it into into the butt for a quick fill, or attach a hose to one of the bottom outlets, it will provide you with lots of the naturally soft rainwater which is so good for your plants. Dropping a submersible pump into this butt is easy too. We are absolutely confident that you will be delighted with the eye-catching style and durability of this UK-made water butt. And it is available in a variety of colours too.

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Ecosure 525 Litre Water Butt - UK Made

Watch the product video we created for the 525 litre water butt. Learn about its advantages and features.

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