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External IBC Bunds

External IBC Bunds

These premium external IBC bunds come complete with frame & cover to provide an all-weather external storage solution for 1000L IBCs. The heavy duty MDPE bunds are protected from rainwater & contamination. The lightweight, sturdy frame is constructed from galvanised tubing to ensure corrosion protection & is easy to assemble on site. Roof supports, made from 1.5mm galvanised sheet, prevent rainwater pooling.

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Safe Storage Basics

  • IBC bunds must be sited on a flat, level concrete base
  • Clearly label individual containers with details of what they contain and any hazard they pose;
  • Label storage areas with details of what can be stored in them;
  • Fit warning signs, for example appropriate hazardous substances symbols (pictograms), at access points to dedicated stores;
  • Store different materials separately so they cant mix if theres a leak (its easier to deal with a spill of just one material than a mixture); this may be a legal requirement for some substances - see information from the HSE;
  • Only keep the minimum working quantity of materials on site;
  • Protect storage from extremes in weather whenever possible, for example sunlight, frost;
  • Keep storage areas away, or isolated, from on site drainage, surface waters and groundwater and vehicle routes.

Installation video guide

Watch our easy to follow, step-by-step installation video for the Ecosure Double IBC Bund.

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