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Molasses Tanks

Molasses Tanks

Our molasses and liquid animal feed storage tanks are ideal for commercial and agricultural use. Sizes range from 1450 litres to 25,000 litres, these are perfect for ready mixed molasses. These plastic tanks are rotationally moulded and constructed using high quality, strong and durable polyethylene.

These tanks are manufactured heavier to cope with the extra weight of molasses. They have optional outlets of 1" or 2" and access lids of 14", 16" or 20".

Molasses Tank Information

Ecosure Agricultural Molasses Storage Tanks are manufactured from high quality Medium Density Polyethylene. To allow for the storage of Molasses (which is much heavier than water), each tank is made extra thick by adding more polymer during the manufacturing process.

Farming applications

This complementary feed material, boosts milk efficiency and meat production.

Typical feeding rates
Diary Cows 1- 3kg per head per day
Beef Cattle 1- 2kg per head per day
Youngstock 1- 2kg per head per day
Sheep 0.2- 0.5kg per head per day

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