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Water Butts

Water Butts

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Add style to your garden with one of our modern slimline water butts, or a modern, minimalist pillar water butt. Our water butts are capable of storing larger volumes of rainwater using a smaller footprint of your garden. They are also frost resistant unlike the cheaper, thinner substitutes which have a greater chance of splitting in cold weather. We also produce a range of wall mounted water butts.

These are not just your normal standard water butts; these are high quality, frost resitant, UV stabilised, stylish water butts suitable for all garden types. We only use quality brass taps and outlets on our products, no cheap plastic alternatives.

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Water Butt Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I collect rainwater?

To collect rainwater, you will need a water butt connected to a downpipe via rainwater diverter.

What are your water butts made of?

All Ecosure water butts are manufactured from high quality Medium Density Polythylene (MDPE). This strong durable material is weather and impact resistant.

How do I install rainwater diverter?

You can install a diverter anywhere on our water butts. We would recommend near the top but not too near the corners

Can they be installed underground?

We manufacture a range of water tanks specifically design to be installed underground. Available in non-potable and potable versions.

How do I get the rainwater out?

Each water butt has brass outlet moulded into them during the manufacturing process. This outlet can be used to attached a tap or shut off valve.

How do I gain access to the water butt?

Most come fitted with a 9'' vented lid or 14'' or 16'' for our larger versions. We also produce a range of Wall Mounted Water Butts which have smaller lids.

What is the return policy?

Online purchases may be returned via a major parcel carrier. Click here read our full returns policy.

Downpipe Diverter Installation Guide

Watch our easy to follow, step-by-step installation video for the Ecosure rainwater diverter.

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Water Butts Kits

Take a look at our water butt kits complete with downpipe diverter and brass tap.

Wall Mounted Water Butts

Collect rainwater easily with one of our wall mounted water butts. Many colours available. See our full range here

City Water Garden Installation Guide

Watch our easy to follow, step-by-step installation video for the Ecosure water butt planter.

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Saving water in the garden

Your garden can look healthy and green in the summer months without costing you a penny more on your water bills. But how?

Believe it or not but the water from your tap isn't as good for your plants as rainwater. So instead of using clean, drinkable water on your plants. Why not collect rainwater a give your plants what they really need?

Did you know you can use rainwater to:

  • Run a pressure washer?
  • Flush your toilet?
  • Run an irrigation system?
  • Wash clothes in the wachine machine (filtering required)

Read more about save water at