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460 Litre Water Butt Dunk Tank

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460 Litre Water Butt Dunk Tank



  • Available in a variety of colours to suit location
  • Quickly fill your watering can
  • Two galvanised hinged lids
  • Bucket access
  • Modern design

Tank benefits

  • Suitable for internal and external use
  • Ideal for domestic or commercial water storage
  • Value for money, high capacity water storage
  • Frost proof; will not crack in the cold
  • Economical delivery charge
  • Rotationally moulded for strength and durability
  • 10 year warranty against manufacturing defects

224.00 ex VAT

Delivery information

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224.00 ex tax

Water Tank Summary

This practical, large volume water butt comes with two galvanised hinged lids which can be lift to access your collected rainwater. Fitted with no outlets, this water butt is perfect for 'dunking' and quickly filling your watering can.

You can fit a downpipe diverter in any side of the water butt.

Water Butt Dimensions
Height 800mm
Width 790mm
Length 1080mm
Weight 40kg
Access 2 x hinged lids
Capacity 460 litres
Material MDPE
Base dimensions
Length 860mm
Width 560mm