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Bunded Oil Tanks

Bunded Oil Tanks

High quality bunded oil tanks suitable for domestic heating oil

What is a bunded oil tank? simply this is a tank within a tank. The area surrounding the inner tank is called the bund. These types of storage tank are ideal for safely storing domestic heating oil.

Bunded oil tanks are used nearly everywhere now as they're the safest form of oil storage. You will need to use one if you're storing oil within 10 meters a drain, water course or place of natural beauty. Most insurance companies require you to have a bunded oil tank, also the UK environmental agency may ask you to install a bunded tank apposed to a single skin tank.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a Single Skin Oil Tank?

A Single Skin Oil Tank is a single container used to contain heating oil. "Single Skin" means one wall which means these tanks don't have a secondary containment tank which can be used to store any oil spilt or leaked from the inner tank. Single Skin Oil Tanks are unsuitable for installation at most agricultural, industrial and domestic properties. In some cases the installation of Single Skin Oil Tank instead of a Bunded Oil Tank could result in a criminal offence if any incident should occur.

Can I put my oil tank next to my house?

If you have an oil tank with a capacity of less than 3,500 litres should not be fitted any closer than 1.8 metres to non-fire rated walls or eaves.

What type of base do I need for my Oil Tank?

Each tank has brass outlet moulded into them during the manufacturing process. This outlet can be used to attached a tap or shut off valve. The size of the outlet depends on the size of the tank.

What is the size of the outlet on the Bunded Oil Tanks?

On all of the bottom outlet bunded oil tanks is a female 1" BSP outlet.

Can I install my bunded oil tank in my garage?

Bunded oil tanks must not be installed within a domestic living area.

What are the Bunded Oil Tanks made from?

Our bunded oil tanks are made from a heavy duty plastic called MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene). This plastic has been especally chosen because of it strong impact and UV stabilization.

How do i know how much oil is left in my tank?

You can buy an wireless electronic gauge that fixes on to the tank and transmits the oil level back to a receive that plugs-in in the house.

Can I store Petrol in a Bunded Oil Tank?

No. Petrol must be stored in a storage tank designed for this purpose.

Do I need planning permission to install a Bunded Oil Tank

No. You can have a Bunded Oil Tank installed at your home without planning permission.