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Downpipe Filter Diverter - Black

Ref: 2000840U

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Filters and collects rainwater for water butts and rain tanks.

Overflow function. Simple installation. This clever product has a unique adapter mechanism that fits nearly all down pipes between 65-100mm. This diverer fits 65 mm square and 68mm round. It is has an easy to mantain filter cartridge that draws to side.

  • The side outlet filters direct cleaned rainwater into a connected water butt or tank from a side outlet. Dirt and waste water continue through the downpipe to the waste.
  • The front opening filters release dirt and debris through a front opening, allowing the cleaned water to continue down the downpipe and into the connected tank or infiltration system, whilst keeping the drainage system free of leaves and other debris.

Roof Size Compatibility 90 m2
Round Downpipe Size Compatibility 68 - 110 mm
Square Downpipe Size Compatibility 65 - 75 mm
Outlet Diameters 32 & 50 mm