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Fire Water Tanks

Fire Water Tanks

Firefighting water tank in place

Firefighting water storage tanks

Ecosure fire water tanks are designed for the storage of emergency water such as automatic fire sprinkler systems in buildings and industrial plants. They are often are installed to comply with building or fire regulations; protect employees, the public and fire fighters from the risks of fire.

As well as the storage tanks, we can also provide a wide range of BSRT fire fittings including couplings, adaptors, blank caps, flange adaptors and washers in 2 1/2", 4" and 5" variants.

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BSRT Fittings Available

We offer a wide range of BSRT (British Standard Round Thread) fire fittings - ideal for marine and industrial applications.

We can supply fittings such as adaptors, caps and couplings in 2 1/2", 4" and 5" variants.

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Fire fighting sprinkler tanks

Designed to safely store water to feed fire sprinkler systems or on site firefighting water systems.

Our fire tanks are rotationally moulded from high quality Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE), it comes with a 10 year guarantee against manufacturing defects. Its high impact strength and the latest UV stabilisation package ensure it copes with industrial environments and extreme weather conditions. Tie down points facilitate handling and positioning, whilst a quality 24" screw down lid ensures ease of access.

Fire Tank Systems

Our Fire Tank Systems come complete with BSRT fittings, ideal to help comply with building or fire regulations. These regulations are in place to protect employees, buildings and contents.

Our essential systems ensure there is always an emergency water supply available.

We have two types of systems including Instantaneous Connections which provide a simple solution to connect multiple lengths of hose together. These fittings are widely used in water delivery applications by the British Fire Brigade. Also systems including BSRT fire fittings, ideal for multiple marine and industrial applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a fire tank?

Fire tanks are standard water tanks that provides water ondemand. The size of the tank required is determined by the flow and duration of the sprinkler system the tank is supplying.

What is the purpose of a fire water tank?

Fire tanks are a separate storage of water designed to provide emergency water to sprinklers or hoses in a case of a fire.

How do I get the water out?

Each tank has brass outlet moulded into them during the manufacturing process. This outlet can be used to attached a tap or shut off valve. The size of the outlet depends on the size of the tank.

How do I gain access to the tank?

Each tank is fitted with a vented lid and range from 9'' for our smaller baffled tanks and 14'' or 16'' for our larger tanks. Some are available as lockable lids. We also produce a unique range of Total Access Water Tanks where the entire top of the tank canbe removed and replaced.

What is the return policy?

Online purchases may be returned via a major parcel carrier. Click here read our full returns policy.

Technical advice

Contact us now for technical advice on our fire tank systems and fire fighting sprinkler tanks.