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Garden Planters

Garden Planters

From the traditional to the contemporary, there's an Ecosure planter to suit every location. Our contemporary, minimalist pots are available in a huge range of colours, from classic softer mottled shades to the bright pinks and purples that are so on trend.

Our traditional pots create a timeless ambiance and will blend into any garden setting. Our planters allow you to create an impressive display economically. Leave the bowl in to limit the amount of compost used, or cut it out to increase stability and promote the root growth which is so important for shrubs and trees. Tired of replacing expensive ceramic pots which have cracked in the frost? Ecosure planters will last for years; they are made from UV stabilised polymer and are guaranteed frost-proof - and strimmer proof too!

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Our garden planters

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Water butts to match your planters

Why not match the colour of your garden planters with the same colour water butt?

We manufacture a of range of water butts using the same high quality plastic. They are available with easy access lids and brass threaded outlets. They range from 105 litre wall mounted to 1600 litres for those looking to store a larger volume of rainwater. You're free to install a downpipe anywhere you like.


Raised Garden Beds

Raised garden beds are a great way growing plants, fruit and vegetables. Their raised height makes garden work more comfortable and weeding much quicker with a smalling working area. Raised beds boost drainage and are a great way to introduce different soils to your garden.