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SuDS - Sustainable Drainage Systems

SuDS - Sustainable Drainage Systems

Sustainable drainage systems SuDS provide an alternative solution to stormwater management by collecting rainwater then slowly releasing it into the local drainage network. This technique helps control the volume of storm water which otherwise cause local flooding.

Our systems each have partial attenuation of approximately 50% per unit. They are designed to integrate with and enhace your surroundings and contricute to your green space.

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SuDS Planters

Reduce your flood risk

Unlike many types of SuDS which require large areas of land, our SuDS planters take up a very small footprint but make a big dfference.

These SuDS planters help reduce the risk of flooding in your local sewer network. Help improve the quality of the streams and rivers by creating a healthier and more sustainable environment.

Benefits of SuDS

We are all aware of the problems caused by increasingly frequent and exceptionally heavy rain. The situation has been made worse by the loss of permeable landscape, and its replacement by hard landscaping, paved areas and vast areas of tarmac. Even our low maintenance, patio-focused gardens contribute to the problem. Our traditional piped drainage system can no longer cope with increasing amounts of surface run-off - rainwater with nowhere to go. The result is serious flooding, pollution, damage to property and animal habitats, and contamination of groundwater sources.

Sustainable Drainage Systems, or SuDS, are a natural and effective approach to managing drainage in and around properties and other developments. They mimic 'natural' drainage by adopting techniques which slow water which runs off from a site.

Our self-contained systems store water and slowly release half of it into the local drainage network. Easy to install as a retrofit or to a new build, they slow peak flows and alleviate flood risks whilst making our gardens greener.

SuDS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does SuDS stand for in drainage?

SuDS stands for Sustainable Drainage System

What is a SuDS in the UK?

A Sustainable drainage system (SuDS) is designed to manage local stormwater. i.e. temporarly holding rainwater before slowly releasing it in to local drainage network

Is SuDS a legal requirement?

SuDS will be a necessary requirement for most new construction in England from 2024.

What is the return policy?

Online purchases may be returned via a major parcel carrier. Click here read our full returns policy.

Surface water prevention

The ButtBuddy helps reduce surface water build up caused by heavy rainfall. Suitable for use with any Ecosure Water Butt or Water Tank, this professional solution is perfect for domestic gardens, allotments and irrigation systems.