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Double Plastic IBC Bund Pallets & Covers

Double Plastic IBC Bund Pallets & Covers

These high quality Ecosure double IBC bunds are designed for the long-term safe bunding of two IBCs (totes), and will ensure compliance with current storage regulations.

Completely manufactured from acid and alkali resistance polyethylene, with no steel parts in order to ensure complete corrosion protection, they are suitable for all oils and most non-combustible chemicals - and are 100% recyclable. Easy to clean and maintain, they come with high quality, removable polyethylene grids. Two way forklift entry is provided in the Ecosure range, but any IBC bund should only be moved when unloaded.

Quality guaranteed. UK designed and manufactured.

Installation video guide

Watch our easy to follow, step-by-step installation video for the Ecosure Double IBC Bund.

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