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Etills Ltd has been assessed and approved according to quality management system ISO 9001:2008; the manufacture and supply of rotationally moulded plastic tanks.

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Rainwater Harvesting Maintenance

About our systems


We have designed our rainwater harvesting systems to have as little maintenance as possible. Depending on your surroundings you will need to clear any large pieces of debris from filters and inlets.

Underground Water Tank

Low Maintenance. The inside of the tank may build up a layer sediment over time which will need to be removed.

Water Pump

Low Maintenance. The submerisble pumps may need to be checked for large pieces of debris. The large domestic pumps require the inline filters to be cleaned annually or as required.

Underground Filters

Medium/High Maintenance. Depending on your surroundings, cleaning your underground filters mey need to be done weekly/monthly/bi-monthly.




Ecosure Super Complete Rainwater Harvesting Leflet

Ecosure Super Complete Installation Instructions

Rainwater Harvesting Filter Sheet






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