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800 Litre Water Butt Sandstone

Sandstone 800 Litre Water Butt Sandstone 800 Litre Water Butt 800 Litre Water Butt Outlet 800 Litre Brass Tap Rainwater diverter Rainwater tap kit 800 Litre Water Butt Technical

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800 Litre Water Butt - Sandstone


Water butt benefits

  • Available in a variety of colours to suit location
  • Colour samples available upon request
  • Manufactured from virgin polymer
  • Frost proof; will not crack in the cold
  • Tall, slim tank maximises capacity when space is limited
  • Tanks can be connected together using bottom outlets
  • Opaque plastic reduces algae growth in sunlight
  • Rotationally moulded for strength and durability
  • 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects

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This Ecosure 800 pillar water butt is the perfect space-saving solution for high capacity rainwater storage. Its small footprint, minimalist styling and versatility make it a favourite for the keen gardener who understands the benefits of naturally soft rainwater and is not prepared to compromise on quality. Rotationally moulded from virgin tank-grade MDPE with the latest UV stabilisation package, it is strong, durable and guaranteed frost-proof. It comes with three brass outlets moulded into the tank. Each one is sealed, so if you don't want to use them, they will not leak. You can drill the ones you want to use, or you can ask us to drill them for you. The raised outlet at the front of the tank is suitable for a bib tap and just the right height for a watering can. The lower outlets (one on each side) allow you to drain the butt completely. Just attach a shut-off valve with snap on hose connector. Alternatively, use irrigation hose to water your garden at the turn of the lever.

This water butt will last for many years. Just make sure that it is installed on a flat, level base that will provide support throughout the year, regardless of weather conditions. Leave a gap of about 50mm all around the tank to allow for the natural expansion of the tank when full of water. The rainwater diverter can located wherever it is required without affecting the tank's structural integrity, but should be fitted about 50mm from the top of the butt. Just follow the instructions that come with the diverter. Ensure that the pipe running from the downpipe to the water butt is horizontal, so that it acts as an overflow when the tank is full.

800 litre details

Height 1800mm
Length 825mm
Width 630mm
Outlet 2 x 1" & 1 x ¾" BSP
Weight 45kg
Access 9" Lid
Capacity 800 litres

Do you need to upgrade to a filtered rainwater diverter?

Do you need to upgrade to a filtered rainwater diverter?

All three of the rainwater diverters we offer divert water into your water butt and act as an overflow once the butt is full. But choosing the right one for your situation is important. If your roof is relatively clean and the water coming down your downpipe does not contain debris from overhanging foliage, the standard diverter is efficient and cost effective. If the rainwater you are collecting is contaminated with debris such as leaves and twigs,the Guttermate Filter Diverter is a wise choice. It uses a removable basket to trap the debris before it enters your water butt. Regular cleaning of this basket is essential. The 3P Filter Diverter removes not only larger debris, but finer particles. It works by using a stainless steel mesh barrel filter to divert debris, ensuring that only high quality water is collected. It also has the benefit of fitting larger downpipes (up to 110mm).

Ecosure 800 Litre Water Butt - UK Made

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